Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question about the Nowson App? We have probably already answered it for you. Therefore look first in the overview below.
The NowsOn App
What can I do with the NowsOn App?

With the App you can receive the latest messages on the activities of all kinds of organisations, such as shops, restaurants, theatres, festivals, sports clubs, etc, which manage a NowsOn channel. Of the ones you choose to follow, and only those, you get these messages automatically through the app as soon as they have been sent. This way you know what is going on at any time without having to search again and again.

Is the NowsOn App free?

Download and use of the app is totally free. The cost of your internet connection if ofcourse yours.

Where can I download the App?

You can download the NowsOn App for free in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

How does the App work?

The NowsOn app works with geopositioning. So you see a map of the area where you are, as long as your the location on your device is working, showing the NowsOn channels nearby. Additionally you can explore a different area to find active channels with the search option. Each NowsOn channel has a descriptive profile. You can follow the ones that you find interesting so you will automatically receive their new NowsOn's (messages). You can start and stop following a channel anytime. The NowsOn's may be followed by Slices (follow-up messages) with further details. Each Slice is shown linked to the original NowsOn message so you see all together. The 'Featured' channels button, just below the map, unfolds a list of new and special channels in your area, nationally or even internationally. You only receive messages from the channels that you follow but you can always read the messages from all others by clicking their icons on the map.

What is a NowsOn channel?

Any NowsOn channel is managed by a channel manager of an organization. The channel is for them a medium to send messages about their activities and events to the people who are interested. Each channel is housed in a category depending on the type of activity of the organization. This may also mean that the organization manages different channels in different categories. You can start following a channel at any time so that you receive new instant messages directly.

Who sends the messages?

All NowsOn's and Slices are composed and send by the NowsOn channel managers. These people represent the organisation that manage that channel and do not work directly for NowsOn app. They are the specialists and creators behind all their messages to maintain that way direct contact with you.

What is a NowsOn?

A NowsOn is the main message with the basic data of an activity or event.

What is a NowsOn Slice?

A NowsOn Slice is a message that is always linked to a main NowsOn message and contains extra details, updates, a Promo card, reminders, or other subjects related to the activity or event.

What is a NowsOn Promo and what can I do with it?

A NowsOn Promo is a card image that can be included in a NowsOn Slice message. What you can do with it is depends on what value the channel manager has given it. So, for example, it may be used as a VIP entrance ticket or an invitation. Read the Slice text well to find out the specific value of it.

How do I make a reservation with NowsOn?

Reservation is only possible if the Channel Manager has activated the ' Reserve ' button below the NowsOn message. The underlying booking method can be via a call, an email or a web page. Nowson is in no way involved in the reservations or responsible for them.

Can I buy a ticket with NowsOn?

Entry tickets are not sold directly through NowsOn. However each channel manager has the option to activate the "Reserve" or the "Call to Action" button in the NowsOn and Slice messages. This can lead to a direct call, email or link with a ticket selling Web page to facilitate the sale of tickets for their events. NowsOn is not involved or responsible in any way for these sales.

I have a suggestion or comment about the App. Where can I go?

Suggestions are always welcome and we love to hear how we can make the app even better for all users. You can send your recommendations to the NowsOn team using the contact form of this website.

I do not receive any messages. What is going on?

Remember that you only receive messages from Channels that you follow. Similarly, you only receive messages in the languages that you have marked to avoid receiving content that you may not understand. Therefore check "Menu - Settings - Filter by language". Also check "Settings"to see whether "Receive notifications is marked. Finally you can check whether the Channels that you follow have actually sent new messages. It is always the Channel Managers who decides when a new message is sent.

I receive messages in languages I do not understand. What can I do to avoid it?

To prevent that messages reach you in other languages that do not interest you, see "Menu - Settings - Filter by language" to modify your preferences.

NowsOn managers
Who can start a NowsOn channel?

Every organisation or self-employed person who wants to have a direct one-way communication channel with its customers or other interested people in their activities and events can become a NowsOn channel manager. The NowsOn team verifies the information provided by the relevant organisation or person and their messages to ensure quality of the channel managers, the NowsOn's and the Slices as much as possible. Their help can always be relied upon to answer questions that are not already answered here. At the same time the NowsOn team reserves the right at all times to refuse or close a channel if the channel manager, the organisation or their messages are inconsistent with the NowsOn philosophy.

How do I start with a NowsOn channel?

To set up a NowsOn channel you must first register your organization or yourself as NowsOn Channel Manager. You can do that via the link to the web registry for managers or in the menu on the side of the app, clicking on the option ' Start my NowsOn channel ". Fill in the required information. Once registered as a manager you can start creating the profile of the Organization and that of the channel with a photo, general description of the activities, address, contact information, and your main social network addresses. Next you choose the category in which you want the people can find you. There is one category per channel possible so if you want to be present in multiple categories then you need multiple channels. After that, your channel appears automatically on the map and you can compose and send your first NowsOn, possibly followed by additional Slices.

What content do I put in my messages?

When composing your NowsOn's, think carefully what your goal is and for whom the messages are meant. A NowsOn channel is often particularly aimed at informing existing followers but there will certainly be new potential followers that see them. Inform about your activities and events that offer or enrich experiences. This is also the sort of "content" that fits perfectly in the NowsOn concept. As channel manager you know best what other matters may be of interest to your followers. Inform with the NowsOn main message, using text and image, about what, where and when. If necessary complete this with important details or updates using Slice messages. The NowsOn's and the Slices are automatically connected so that you do not need to repeat information. So you can be short and to the point, exactly what your followers expect from a NowsOn channel.

Can I suggest NowsOn to an organisation in an area where NowsOn is not yet active?

Yes. The NowsOn app can be useful for each individual organization when, in particular, the aim is to improve the communication with existing customers, users, or other stakeholders. That there are then no other NowsOn channels in the area is not important. Only when the intention is to attract new followers will this become a theme.

How do I get people to follow my channel?

Thinking of how to attract people to follow your NowsOn channel, focus first on your existing customers, volunteers, employees, friends or other obviously interested people. These are the first ones that like to be kept informed of your activities and guarantee almost always the best results for your communication effort. Encourage them in any way possible to download the app and follow your channel. With a relatively limited group you can use the power of speech, 1 by 1 and at the right time. For example at the checkout in a restaurant. Use with larger groups all your already existing channels. Publish your NowsOn channel also on as much of your own material and places as possible so people see it and start following you quickly. Print it on your tickets, menu, tockets, ... In addition, you can think of all kinds of incentives. NowsOn can be helpful with that when you publish the NowsOn Promo in your messages. This is a card on the app that you can attribute a value for your followers. For example, a VIP treatment, a Goodie, etc. In the long term of course it depends mostly on the attractiveness of your NowsOn activities, events and messages. Be creative. Inform and seduce your followers but do not becomes intrusive.The more followers, the more effective your NowsOn channel.

Who can follow my channel?

Anyone who has installed the NowsOn app has access to all active NowsOn channels and can choose the ones to follow.

I have more branches, Can I manage more than 1 channel?

One channel manager can manage multiple channels. There may also be more managers added to an account. Check whether you need an upgrade of your NowsOn client pack as the basic pack does not provide for multiple managers.

NowsOn App: installation and settings
Is it obligatory to register to be able to use NowsOn?

You are not required to register to use NowsOn. Would you not do this then simply click on "SKIP" at the top of the registration screen if you still want to use the app. We do however recommend registration so you can continue to monitor your favorite organizations and events on other devices. Very useful for example when you change your phone for a new one.

Why do I have to register with an email address?

We need your mail address as an alternative communication channel. If you ever forget your password we can send you an email that allows you to access your account again. It is also very useful if there are unexpected problems with the app or to inform more extensive about new NowsOn developments.

Does the app work on all smartphones?

The NowsOn app is suitable for Apple iPhone 5 and later with iOS10 or higher, and Android smartphones with Android 5.0 or higher. Because of the wide variety of Android smartphones, we cannot guarantee proper operation on all brands and types.

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?

Yes. To use the app you need an internet connection because otherwise you do not get any new posts.

The app works slow on my phone. How is that possible?

If the app is running slowly, it may be because you have a slow internet connection or an old type or ' low end ' smartphone with less capacity. Sometimes the app retrieves all messages and other content at one time, depending on your positioning. This amounts then occasionally to quite a bit of data when many NowsOn channels with many messages are followed.

I have another phone, can I change my account to it?

Yes, you can transfer everything to your new smartphone but only when you are registered. Install the Nowson app on your new device and log in with your existing account. Your settings are automatically migrated. If you are not registered install the app, find and start following your favourite channels once more.

Do I need to change anything if I go to another country?

You don't need to change anything when you go to another country. However, if that is also another language area then you need of course take into account that most messages are sent, in the local language and sometimes and to a lesser extent, in international English. Would also you like to receive this then you should add or change the language in Settings of the NowsOn app menu.

NowsOn App: privacy and conditions
Can I see the data that are collected through the NowsOn app about me?

You can at any time request access to the information that NowsOn collects about you, and have them corrected or deleted sending a request to: Decema Linking S.L., Avda del Golf 26, 75.1ºC, 30730 San Javier, Spain. Send with your request a copy of your identity card or passport. Through your profile in the app, you can access or change your personal information. You can also unsubscribe there.

What do you do with my data?

We are of course very careful with your data. Read more about that in our current privacy policy.