The easiest way to stay connected with real-world activities and events that really matter to you.

Now it is on! Discover quickly the latest news to live a unique and memorable experience at any time.

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Make the lives of your clients or end users easier by focusing on the few details that they are really interested in

NowsOn allows you to make your activities and events more visible in the most appropriate places and moments, without disturbing, without unexpected distractions and without violating the privacy of your clients or beneficiaries. With NowsOn, people leave their houses to take control of their own experiences, while you concentrate on improving results for your organization or project.

Publish your activities in an integrated and natural way with the real context in which your clients and beneficiaries are in every moment.

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United we are stronger: do it big from the beginning

Using NowsOn means immediate access to an already established community of users that grows more and more every day. In a matter of minutes your activities will be known by your customers and current users, and can also be easily found by other people who have not yet had the opportunity to meet you.

Set up your NowsOn Channel Manager account so you can quickly reach every corner of the user community, whether at local, regional, national or even international level in a specific period of the year or permanently.

With NowsOn you no longer have to worry about how to find new clients or followers for your activities or events.

Enriched messages to publish your activities in a few clicks, whether you're a beginner or expert

NowsOn employs a new structured rich-messaging format that invites you to rethink the way you offer your products and services in order to enrich the experience of your clients and followers. NowsOn App has been optimized to communicate your activities and events quickly, in just a few seconds, with a few clicks using your own personal mobile device. You don't need to be an expert in Social Media, or devote long hours to prepare and position your content or manage your social media campaigns. We believe in simplicity and accuracy to reduce the complexity of an ever more changing, fast and demanding work environment.

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Are you organizing an activity or an event?


Focus on creating a memorable experience for your clients or your beneficiaries and let NowsOn do the rest.

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Optimised for contextual mobile marketing

Do not risk with an app that is not optimized to deliver the right content at the right time. Remember: consumers are more selective than ever before and are constantly looking for new experiences.

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Push messages in zero moment of truth (ZMOT)

Compile messages with a clear objective and aligned with the situation and the interests of your clients or followers within a radius of 20 Km (where 82% of the searches with a primary intent of use or consumption occur).

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Different NowsOn channels for different target audiences or projects

Create and position a NowsOn channel for each activity or type of user experience. Add new channels as you diversify the activities or projects of your organization.

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Publish easily your NowsOn activities in different languages. Make sure that your content only reaches each client or user in their preferred languages.

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Cost and time saving

Quickly create your NowsOn channels without writing a single line of programming code. Start with NowsOn before devoting a significant investment in technological development or promotional campaigns hard to maintain in the long term.

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More agile, direct, fast and dynamic

Focus on what you do best, which is talking about your activities or events, and do not loose more of your valuable time maintaining quick conversations and superficial interactions in generalist social networks.


NowsOn App can be also deployed in a shielded or B2B environment. An ideal option to establish direct communication with a special group of followers or customers, collaborators, dealers, suppliers,etc. In a scenario like this the use of a NowsOn channel may not be the best solution, being preferable to bet on a version of the App with your own brand identity and with restricted access to a particular group of users. To do this, NowsOn has options that allow you to customize the App partially or completely according to your needs. Get in touch with NowsOn team to learn about all the possibilities.

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Ethical and socially responsible app

Use NowsOn to bring your activities to people who are more committed to your social cause or who require your attention and support. NowsOn is also a practical tool to facilitate the participation of volunteers and collaborators in your projects and increase trust.

Take advantage of our special plan for non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs with disabilities. Contact us for further information.